Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Comes to Pass

I know, it is neither a Tuesday, nor is it regular. I assure you though, despite that, today is the day for me to tell you about what has come to pass. I have been up to no good at all these last few weeks and kept myself very very busy. With that greeting I offer you my list:

Where to begin... well, I suppose the best place would be with Mr. Michael Cervantes. I have been keeping my big mouth shut about him though I am positively hopping with excitement. Through years (about 4) of pestering, prodding, and generally making an utter fool of myself being a fan of every little thing he makes, I have managed to convince him to just make his book already. I am happy that he has started... even though he is suffering from the sit down and everything leaves my skull as though my head contained the black plague syndrome. I promise you it's in there!!!! I swear!... and I can't wait to see it. so, he has a blog, just like the rest of us, which he will post his journey in. I have found that... even though it may not have been meant as such, he makes me giggle...

Next I suppose it would be wise to mention that I am wrapping up Static Lullaby as we speak.  I literally have the last page open in another window here and look forward to lettering it this evening.  I am excited about the prospect of having another finished work under my belt, and will then barely be able to contain myself awaiting its release.  I will post a link to it once it is available online.

GodSlayer.... I completed an image for that recently also.  I am very very proud of how it turned out.  It was one of those images that just falls together.  I was very emotionally invested in the idea, as when Nathan relaid some of Red's past to me... the image haunted me until I got it down.  The result was exactly what I had wanted, though still leaves poor Red wanting for an of age representation as, in the image she is a girl, and in the book, she is a woman who has lived through what that girl experienced.

what else... I was featured in an article on called the Manga/Anime Theme Fetaure Vol 1.  It was the first of its kind to be posted and I am very grateful to have been selected.  They chose my image for Snow leopard to take part as the theme was Snow.  The article's purpose is to bring light to artists who have yet to be seen in the community, lesser known artists that the admin feel deserve the chance to be brought to light but may not have had the popularity to be elected for a daily deviation.    Here is the link: 

I'm sure that I have forgotten something.  I'll remember at the most inopportune moment I'm sure.  Till next time my dark darlings, embrace the night :)