Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Rain

I haven't posted in a while and was reminded of that earlier this evening.  I really will start up again with weekly progress reports I promise.  On a side note, Damon has been doing better these last couple days.  I was able to get my viola, which I have wanted since I was a child myself.  It is currently going for it's first check up at the doctors and getting outfitted with some high end strings and generally getting a bit of love from the goddess of violins herself, Ester.  My doll is waiting for me at the post office and I will go pick him up tomorrow.  I can't wait.  Now onto the news that matters:

I had mentioned that I was doing a trade with another artist and I have my part completed.  It is called the Guardian of Dark Animals.  It is maury, a character that I had come up with for promoting psychosis, but in an ascended form.  She has white wings and is surrounded by three animals that show different auras, one green because it is a herbivore, one red because it is a carnivore, and the other a blue because it eats carrion, a death eater.


Next I have managed in not only creating the webcomic engine that was similar to the one I had liked so well on my old site, but I have started to use it.  Rose against the mooN now has two pages up and Origin has 3.  Go check them out if you get the chance.  They are both in Immortal Gothic Online.  I will update them about once every two weeks.  I would love to be able to do it with more frequency, but I am so crazy and don't want to say something I am simply not able to do.

I almost have the podcast portion of the site completed.  The graphics are all in place and it looks pretty sweet.  Sean likes it which is what is important.  We hope to start putting content on that soon and I will update when it begins.  We're both really excited about it and will have some interviews up, perhaps even before the podcasts start.  Look for the link shortly on the main page of Immortal Gothic.

Speaking of Immortal Gothic, you may have noticed that the site is nearly completed.  Mostly I just need to create a few graphics.  I like the way the main page looks now, and am excited that it works on smart phones and mobil devises because of the way that I did it.  Turns out my little work around ended up being the best idea after all.  I hope that you enjoy the look and feel.  I tried to keep it easy to use and consistent.  I still have a lot of work to do for the Am I Immortal site.  I think I am going to end up creating a gallery which will take time.  I have started that but it is not linked up as it is still very very basic.

I have created a couple logos and have done a commission.  I am very pleased with how this work has all turned out.  I even got paid for the butterfly which was kind of amazing.  I still have no idea how much to charge... so it's kinda rough.  Here's the butterfly so you can see what I was able to do:


Well, I'm sure I am forgetting something.  I finished  Static Lullaby, that was good.  This is why I need to update more... I can't remember everything.  Oh wells.  sorry about that my darlings.  Till next time then?  It will be sooner than this last time.  I just need to get over the I'll do it tomorrows, LOL.