Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dark Soul

   So my dark darlings it has most certainly been a while since I have given you an update with my evil.  First off, the family has been well.  We had a relatively good holiday and I look to the new year with hope.  I have already begun to lay down what needs to happen for expansion and added movement here in the site as well as in my own works.  Shall we see what has been going on then?

First off I'm not sure if I had posted it, but the how to book that I am in has come out.  You can order it online or pick it up at your local bookstore in the graphic novel section.  I am in this publication in two places, which means that I have about 8 pages of full color content in it.  I'm so happy about this.  Here is the link so that you may see what I'm going on about:  Creating Comics!

Hmm, what to start with next... Perhaps I should tell you about Am I Immortal.  There are sections in it that are nearly complete as there is a good portion of this installment that involves Cain reliving a memory.  Because of this section I have had to really expand both my inks and pencil works, sacrificing some of the vagueness that I had in the panels in books 1 and 2 when I was unsure of what they would look like, to show exact motion and not slump.  I went from wanting a couple perfect panels throughout the book to wanting one per page, and pushing for that.  Perhaps it is vanity that is driving me to love what I create, or perhaps it is that I wish for you to see it as I do in my minds eye and share this part of my soul with you as it was meant to be seen.  Book three is laid out as though it was drawn on sheets of shattered glass.  That is the intent.  It is not merely me smearing my inability to follow rules in people's faces when it comes to comics, but it is supposed to look like it is broken and has been laying about bleeding its life at you.  I'll warn you... It only is going to get worse.  Here is the first page so you can enjoy some of my slow progress:

Now that Am I immortal has had its moment I would like to mention Meth.  The Meth Collection is available now on Indyplanet.  With the cover it is 80 pages and it is in color.  It features Illos from Screaming Samurai Studio as well as a preview of what is to come in the novel.  Here is a link to where it is available: The Meth Collection
Now about the novel.  Meth: Embrace is actually coming a lot faster than I thought it would.  Recently I have had to take a breather from it but I do hope to pick it up again shortly.  My days off have sadly begun to coincide with snow days that Damon has... which sucks because he is a sponge when it comes to my attention.  Writing is so mentally consuming, I turn into an evil witch when he's around if I make any attempts to work on it.  That being said I am 50 pages into it and have been formatting and editing as I go.  I hope that, when it is completed and I have typed the final hurtful word... it will be ready to go.  I am unsure of how to proceed with it as it is not a comic, and I don't know if I should shop around to potential publishers to see if it has a chance at being published and distributed in a more regular sense, or if  I should just continue to address the printed world with my middle finger raised and continue in my own way.

Lastly for this week I had wanted to mention some other projects that I am working on.  There is a set of three illos that I am doing for a monster book.  One of them has already been accepted and I hope to continue the good work with the other two.  The first one was a vampire piece which turned itself into the beautiful Andreus.  I should expect these things to just happen but I admit it was a bit of a surprise.  You will get to know Andreus properly when book 3 comes out for Am I Immortal.  The piece that I am working on now is called "The Rise of Dark Gaia".   It is really creepy.  I have some sculptural pieces that I am working on too, as well as a collection that I am slowly trying to build so I can eventually tell you all to go to a gallery show featuring yours truly, I hope.  For now you get to see Saved, which is the Illo I just completed:

Now you all have to do me a big favor before you wander off  into exploring your own dark paths.  Please go see what Screaming Samurai has been up to.  He has been working his little butt clean off and I really want you all to go let him know how groovy it is to see him pushing so hard.  I promise you will see the result of his efforts very soon on Immortal Gothic.  for now I shall let you go my darlings.  Please remember to be bad, be very bad, and enjoy the night.