Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today we went to Hartford to visit Lizzy.  We ate Chinese (food not people) and visited the local art store (my favorite one) where I got the ink I need for Am I Immortal#3 and a bunch of emulsion and water based textile inks because we have been screen printing.  Those were not the things that I went there for.  What I had needed were some art trading cards... you see I thought I had lost them but instead had handily attached them to my big clip board so that I wouldn't lose them. So art cards...$3.00  what I left the store with $70.00  a day with Liz and her Ma...priceless... yes I went there.  Here's the workload:

The short story that I had said I was fighting through is finally completed.  It is sad and needs editing, but it has a title, "Heartless", and a good bit of potential once I take a step back and allow it a moment to breath.

The Inks for Static Lullaby are complete and the pages are re-assembled.  I am looking forward to this project's quick completion...providing I am able to run through the rough spots.

The Eye of the Wind deserves her fair mention.  I am making a painting for my stepfather.  The ship's name is The Eye of the Wind.  I hope to have her in the eye of a storm cresting a wave with her hull half out of the water.  She is an amazing ship and I can tell you I am moved by her like I have never been by any other.  She has a black hull with two masts, a honey toned deck, a cloud for her figure head which looks like a blowing cloud...oh and I can't leave out her BLOOD RED SAILS!!!!!!  She stole my heart the moment I saw her, and I hope to meet her someday.

Last I have some really cool news.  I have been commissioned by Ink Dot Boy to expand my collection of 3 images, which was my original intention, to 6.  These images will be set up in a variety of sizes as well as grayscale or color so that his promotions  people will be able to easily utilize them with minimal effort and cost.  It is exciting because, like with Nathan and Sean, Ink is very creative and it is easy to feed off of his drive to make really moving imagery.

I wanted to mention a note of congratulations to Henry and his Sarah.  Every dark one has a Sarah... and some are even named that.  I also want to congratulate my new found friend Sarah on her Henry :)  I wish you all the happiness you can muster in your binding.

No preview pics this week, sorry.  I am embroiled in scanning so would only be able to offer you boring textures anyway.... or images that appear to be half of what they should be.  Next week I hope to be rich in visual aids.  Alright my lovely dark ones, till next week... do be as bad as you're able!

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