Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm a bad girl.... I know.  I skipped a week to update you .  I almost missed today as well.  I remembered.  Work has been crazy.  I work in a frame shop which has been nutz.  It will be nutz until after the holidays.  Everyone wants all their stuff yesterday.  On top of that we are all frazzled so hooray for the holidays.  Well, I got all my packages in the mail.  I have two big purchases and I am done!  So on to the ever lovin list!!!

I have been doing a large amount of work on the website.  I have all the creator images completed now... for the initial launch.  I have created a sort of database that will be the skeleton for how sales will proceed on the site.  I have also gotten started on creating Immortal Gothic's sister site which will host more content and galleries for Am I Immortal.  The main page is giving me some serious issues because I am stumbling over how to create buttons that react differently in different states.  Ugh.... so hard.  I can get it to work and then when I set two of the states to invisible it all disappears....  grrr.

Static Lullaby is in the big black beast and I am working on the layouts for it.  I'm over halfway done with it so soon I should have the pleasure of making Nathan a very happy person.  I like making people happy.

I have created my holiday image for this year.  I believe that it came together pretty well.  I expanded it and am currently using it as the background on my computer....  It's just a nifty image.  If anyone wants the background, let me know and I will forward it to your e-mail :)  Happy to share the Luv

I also only have some lettering and effects left on Snow Leopard.  The tones are complete and the images are all set.

In the upcoming couple weeks I hope to stay focused and continue pushing forward with my endeavors.  Thank you for your patience and support.  I'll see you all soon sly cats.  Enjoy the night!

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