Friday, September 17, 2010

Weeks Away

I know that I have been absent for many weeks.  I apologize for this but I swear it has been for the greater good.  In that time the summer has waxed and waned.  Now my garden wishes I had more help with it.  My Mom broke her ankle and had surgery.  I was by her side at each step to recovery, and I bought her her first pair of converse hightops.  She loves them and calls the her dr.who shoes.  It's really cute.  What that meant is that I spent the growing season making her two gardens, one at home and one vege garden at a community garden plot, were well off while my own suffered in my absence.  Sometimes it is important to make sure that the ones who you love are in the right type of environment to get well.  Perhaps these things are simply excuses, but I was none the less prevented from updating most of my weekly events with any frequency.  Now onto the drama:

So I have been working hard.  I am pleased to announce that Meth is complete.  It will be available at New York Comic Con as well as being available online.  Here is the link: The Meth Collection .  I know it's expensive and I'm sorry, but it is perfect bound, full color, and caps at 80 pages including a super spiffy wrap around cover.

Next, I have a lot of new naughty girls.  I have created six new images to add to my naughty girl collection.  Three of them will be featured in a book put out by guildworks productions that is themed, "girls with guns".  I also created three new ones that feature the Suminagashi inks.  I have really enjoyed making them and will have prints available of them at the convention also.

Now... I only have one page left to complete the story of Rose Against the Moon.  It is exciting and sad all at once.  I have had some ideas about this last page and fear I have psyched myself out over nothing.  I hope to complete a pin-up of Rose as well.  Honestly I think the pin up will be easier than the page.  It will reveal Rose in full the way that I see her.  Makes me nervous because I am afraid of disappointing Nathan... 

So there has been a lot going on and a lot more to come.  I will do better at updating now that I am falling back into a school schedule.  No more long breaks.  I aim to finish off Rose, continue Am I Immortal, and inform you of other wonders that I have yet to announce.  The world is about to become a bit more vast my darlings.  Till next time, enjoy the night.

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