Friday, October 23, 2009


Welcome once more to my night, lost souls.  I am pleased to announce that I have been quite infected with a new tale.  It is unfurling in my mind like a soft petaled cereus and has been filling my head with such evil musings.  A word of warning... this story is not mine, but Godslayer, which belongs to Nathan Baker.  That means you can expect a bunch of steam punkish trippy crap from me for a while and that's not a bad thing at all.  Anyways, my child is still the devil... my husband still patiently waiting for me on the couch... and I have nothing very interesting to say except for an update of events.

Today we got the shots from both graveyards for Am I Immortal.  This means I have the shots for The Crypt as well as all the graveyard shots for Coast to Coast (which is book 4).  I will still need shots from the marina, the highway, the alley behind the radio station, and for the running sequence in mystic.  I know that sounds like a daunting amount of images... but it's not and could all be taken care of easily in one day.  Whilst in the big graveyard in mystic, we came upon a chestnut tree that was ripe, so we looked up a recipe to roast chestnuts cause we wanted to see what they tasted like.  I mean if it sucked they would not have made a song about it at all.  Then it occurred to me that we would be eating chestnuts that came from a graveyard.... is that wrong?  It's the ultimate form of recycling.  Would that be the vegetarian version of cannibalism.  Hmmm.  My my who would have thought that getting a few photos would lead to such a scandal.  Well, if anyone does have an issue... I WRITE ABOUT VAMPIRES... and any woman who doesn't enjoy entertaining a light snack from time to time is just... a nun!

Next comes the drawing part.  I have pencils completed through page 11 now for Am I Immortal: The Crypt.  Normally that would be anticlimactic but I know that I already have page 16 and 24 that means I'm over half way there.  I have the physical cover art completed as well, but was going to make a digital version for the cover itself.  When (yes I said when) I have a gallery opening in the future, you will be able to see Blood River.  I told you about that last week so time to move right along.

Girl parts!!!! My son has a riding lesson on Thursdays and every time we go they have more bones for me.  There was a doe who died there and now she's spread all over the field, but when they find her bones they give them to me.  Right now I have her skull and some of the major bones from her legs.  I really hope for a couple ribs and some vertebrae, or a that would rock.  Why am I a hoarder of this girl you ask?  Well, she is not my first set of bones.  She however is the first that wanted to be something.  I am going to give her wings and fit the parts I have so that she can become something again.  I rarely work in sculpture and have been moved by her to give her what she wants, to be made immortal.  So look forward to that sometime in the future.

I also managed to write a few more pages of Am I Immortal: The Runaway.  I think I know what the character looks like and I'm really excited about it.  I need to clarify it in my mind a bit more before I attempt to make it.  I mean it took me about 3 months of thinking before I put the goth king down and he turned out OK.  I think this rugged runaway will come faster, but we'll see.

Last news is the Logo.  You see it actually... to the right with my last name over it.  I know, pretty sweet huh?  Shame this blog thing insists on microscopic.  So my work will now have that logo on it even if I am signed cause that's how I roll... or I just really like my logo, LOL.  Also, any other creator whom I work with who wants to be under my umbrella will have that marking, but with their name over it... obviously.  I'll have to see what they are turning out but, I have faith in those I run with.  On that same note I had wanted to mention Liz Ortiz's first book, Rasgal, will bare the mark in it's next printing.  The book is really good (I have a copy of the first printing) and I am so happy that she has been able to push and make her dreams a reality... and in record time!  Congrats Liz on #1!!!!

So with that my darlings I must go about the rest of my evening.  Next week I may only be by once as I have a convention in Vermont.  Bakuretsucon.  I love that con.  It's like a vacation cause we all know each other.  Should be great times.  Stop by if you're in the area!


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