Monday, October 19, 2009

The New Night

Today begins the new night.  By this I mean... Recently I have become independent.  I am starting fresh under my own name again.  Mind you this is quite a frightening prospect.  I feel this to be the lesser of two evils however.  I have always been better at keeping by my own clock... and have blossomed into something that likes to work alone, much like many of my influences.  Those whom I share my mind with, well lets just say it's like expanding upon my own thoughts rather than compromising with another separate entity.  I hope to offer a home for those who have been disillusioned and displaced, and offer you... those few who crave more than just to be meek the chance to meet those I am shared with.

Now I will share with you what I have been up to:

Am I Immortal (Immortal Gothic) by Shawnti Therrien,  Packt: the Crypt is one third of the way through pencils.  I hope to get the photography done in the next couple weeks so I can beat leaf fall

Am I Immortal (Immortal Gothic) by Shawnti Therrien, The Runaway: Twilight Path is three pages in for writing... and for those of you who are not aware of how crazy I am... that would be book fourteen in the series.

Meth (Atlas Unleashed) by Shawnti Therrien, The Collection is completed.  I am in discussion with Atlas Unleashed about the final details of printing, release, and promotions.  If you want an ad in that book, please contact me, myrretah @,  for rates and sizing specifications.  Any and all support is appreciated.

Static Lullaby (Atlas Unleashed) by Nathan Baker part one is to inks.  The first two pages are completed.  I will finish the pages as I recieve them from the inker, Sean Therrien, and thank Nathan Baker once more for granting us such an amazing concept to work on.

Static Lullaby (Atlas Unleashed) by Nathan Baker part two is in the finishing stages of script completion.  I already have some great ideas for the pages and hope to start on some concepts once the script is fully polished and approved.  I feel lucky that I had the chance to sit down with Nathan at the convention this last weekend to work out the gory details.

GodSlayer (Unsigned) by Nathan Baker is through to the conceptual stage.  I was able to create a couple good images that lend a feel to the world that story takes place in even though they are only of the characters themselves.  Once more it just meant sitting down with Nathan and getting them on the page so he can shop the idea around and find the right artist (more on that coming soon).  I hope to have further involvement in this story even though I will not be the main artist as I love the idea.

Blood River, a painting by Shawnti Therrien is now completed.  I will make a digital version that will be the cover for Am I Immortal book three. 

With Honor, the CAG Manga Anthology is in it's last stages.  Tweaking lettering.  Triple checking the stories.  The printer is still up in the air so I am not sure what size the pages need to be.  That makes things a bit more difficult.  My only hope is to give all the artists the best first impression that they could hope for.  Some are new and this will be their first published work.

How too, Yes I am gonna be in a how to book.  In fact I should be doing that instead of writing this and working on concepts for godslayer...but I have to keep a careful balance in my head of things.  All of the artwork is prepped and ready to go.  I am unsure of what they want for Copy so I am procrastinating.   I should not...

With that said I promise you an update soon.  Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on the horror that is my life as best I can....



  1. Shawnti, I’m totally impressed with the volume of work that you have going on. It puts me to shame, and is now forcing me to realize that it is time for me to ramp it back up.