Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Need for Sleep

I am so very tired but am keeping myself up trying to eek out that last little bit of work.  Work you say?  Why what work would that be?

Currently I am lettering and making the greys on Snow Leopard which will be published in the CAG Manga Anthology With Honor.  The piece was written and created by Henry Covert, penciled by Albie Luciano, and inked by Alex Rivera.  I am simply the lowly letterer and adder in of many skies and snowfall for this one... this team gets all the credit. With Honor Facebook group That is a link to where you can get more info, preview some of the artwork, and become a fan of With Honor.

I am on page 16 (turns out it was page 20 that I had previously completed) of Am I Immortal now for pencils... I think.  It's in my bag so I'm not sure.  I'm really happy with how the pencils are turning out.  One of my mentors once said that a lot of great comics and stories are that one step ahead because the pages show you actions without words... sorta like if you watch a movie in fast forward... you may not get the joke, but you can tell what's happening based on the attitude of the characters within the frame and know one has been told.  I'm trying for that... and my usual one panel I love per page.  Wish me luck!

I made a necklace.... It is pink so I will be selling it, LOL.  It says love on it... and I might be tempted to vomit in its presence if I hadn't created the darned thing.  I'll probably sell it before anything else just because I feel that way.  Always seems to be how it works.  After this weekend I intend upon getting some stuff up on etsy. I will provide a link when I do.

I finished the redesign of my site.  Now comes the tricky part of figuring out how to make it do what I want.  I will have a meeting at some point this next week or the week after with Devin, who is the original designer of most of my sites inner workings.  With any luck... you will see some changes shortly in it's basic function, though the layout will remain much the same.  I will continue with updates on it's progress.

I have started to set blogs up for others who will run under my banner.  Those will play a big part in the main site upon it's completion.  Right now I have mine.... obviously... and have set up Nathan Baker's which is : The Silent Soul .  I know he has some writing up in a link there, so make sure to stop by and say hi, if you will.

I think I turned into a pumpkin hours ago and just haven't seen fit to get up and go to bed.  ARGH!!! I'll rest when I'm dead.  I need ice cream and coffee, that's all.



  1. Thanx so much for previewing the colour page Shawnti. It looks so great the way it came out that I almost can't believe I pencilled it. You are the Midas of Creatresses (if that's a word...). I'm enjoying yr blog. I posted a link just now to it from the fan page, where yr icon showed up. It has not on the group as of yet. I hope I can figure out how to do that since I'd hate to have to erase 7 repost the link as it has gotten several "Like" hits & some kind words from burgeoning fans. Please rest yr weary self, for we have much to discuss, you & I, regarding & future projects. Thanx again for displaying our lovely collaboartive piece.
    HC 93

  2. I am at Bakuretsucon right now. I'm sorry but you are gonna have to wait for a proper update to this blog till Tuesday so I have a chance to ummm, well do stuff. I'm doing lots of stuff, but I am crazy! Blogs from crazy people, though potentially interesting.... will not help you see what evil I'm up to... and might scare the crap outta you.