Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I don't think that I have mentioned here that most recently I have been in a considerable amount of pain.  When I was younger I was in a car accident.... I loved that car (it was my favorite) but apparently the guy driving the little truck behind me loved it far more than I as he decided he wanted to try to permanently bond it to his truck.... and I came out with whiplash and a ripped shoulder.  It was my right shoulder of course because that would be the WORST THING EVER.  So I apologize for not creating enough to warrent two posts a week these last two weeks.  I've said it before and I shall say it many many more times... I don't have much that is very interesting to say anyway... so onto what's what in my worklist:

I was able to continue on Am I Immortal a little, but was not even able to complete one more page with my shoulder that day.  I need a lap desk or something to rest my elbows on so I can become more productive and not suffer so much.  I will attempt to get more done on that this coming week.

I did however complete Hunter, which is a concept for one of the characters in Godslayer.  Nathan should be putting some info up on Godslayer in his blog soon.  I have the Concept for another of the characters, Red, nearly completed.  I am REALLY enjoying drawing her.  She's supposed to have some armor... but I think I will have to create another page for that as this image is all attitude.

The Meth Collection is back on track.  I completed an ad for it....which you will see below.  The Ad is for a band which I listened to a lot while I was making A Matter of Faith and the additional content the collection has.  Yes, the ad will also be in color.  The band is Ink Dot Boy (www.inkdotboy.com) and the album is called the Red Symphony.  I felt with the original images.... it wasn't RED enough.  I had explained to the front man of the band, Andy, that I have a love affair with red...so I would hold him hostage and mess with him until I was pleased with the result.  I'm just glad for his patience as I made him wait some time while I played.

Sean and I finished screen printing and painting some immortal Gothic shirts.  They look pretty sweet... and I am pleased with the result.  They are a beautiful mess!

I also did some sculpture.  I haven't taken any shots of them yet.  The one I made is a small white sparkly mask fitted with gears for eyes and a flat head screw for a mouth.  Will made another which I then fitted similarly.  I hope to mount them both on some kind of pendant and put them up for sale on etsy.  I completed one other necklace too.   I had hoped to get pictures of some of my wares up before this post... but alas... here we are.

Till next time my darlings.  Enjoy the night.  I can't complain... I still have flowers blooming despite the cold.  Almost makes it worth venturing into the sun to thank them for blessing my land through the frost.  Sweet dreams... green spirits.

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