Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Shot

This weekend was another convention that signified the end of my con season for 2009.  Now I get to concentrate on wonderful things like... getting older and... christmas.  I am not really looking forward to very much, honestly.  It seems the projects that I have now... which should be so simple to complete are taking an eternity.  I HATE waiting.  On the other hand I don't want to be super pushy.  It's like balancing on a tightrope.  Too much and there is the threat that people will perceive me as being impatient and difficult to work with (which I completely admit to being but I try to curb it so I'm not a complete loner), too little and I will never get anything done.  I just need one thing done!  I'm running myself into the ground trying to work every angle to just get one step ahead.  One good thing would make it all seem like I am working so hard for something!  I don't even mind paying for it!  Ugh... so without further complaints... the update for the week:

I spent most of the week working on the website... unfortunately it just crashed and I had to delete the subdomain completely.  So I am back to square o ne with it.  I have an edge because I know how to do what I want now.... but I was supposed to meet with my webdesigner (wait a minute... I'm my webdesigner now) tomorrow so he could answer any questions that I had about how to make it exactly what I want instead of close.  I am using wordpress but kinda twisting it, so there are some features that I want to remove from the basic page layouts.  I figured out how to make it do what I want... so I am very sad because it really took a lot of work on my part...which is now all gone :(.  So I feel like I wasted a ton of time on NOTHING.  I could seriously cry right now.  now I just keep getting error messages when I try to do anything...

On a related note, I worked with Liz Ortiz and Sean Therrien to get their respective blogs up.  Soon that network will be running.  Now if I could just get the site up.... man I am really about to cry..... a lot!  My goal is to have all the navigation for the individual blogs and main site in the compass in the sidebar so that it will be easy for people to navigate from one thing to the next.  I would love feedback on the basic design of things... especially once I get the redesign of the site running live.  Perhaps tomorrow Devin will show me once more that I am just an artist who is truly not good at figuring out the right code.... man I was doing so good.  You can see where my mind is now, LOL. 

Over the weekend I did a few little sketches on artist cards.  One of them was really cool because it was not my normal style at all.  It was a chibi version of this character for a girl at the convention I was at.  I would totally post it.... but I am waiting for Liz to send me the scan...poke poke....liz!

I got some more work done on Am I Immortal book 3.  I am happy with how it is coming.  I keep saying that and can only continue until I get it through to a digital format. I desperately hope that you will enjoy it.  It will be printed under the Immortal Gothic banner which offers me a bit of relief.  I will be at my own mercy.

Nathan gave me an amazing update for Godslayer.  I can only tell you that I know this story is going to be insane.  I'm really glad to be involved.  I need to get him pictures for Red and I gotta jet.  See you all on a less blue night... when I do more than sleep all the time and wish I would stop hurting...


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