Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Full Steam

Good evening everyone.  This last week has simply been a blur.  It hasn't felt real honestly.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm not liking it this year.  It's not because I'm getting older like a lot of people, it's because I liked being 33.  My lucky numbers are 3 and 13 so.... I enjoyed i t.  34 is rather anticlimactic in comparison.  I'll be all happy again at 36, I'm sure.  On another note, my shoulder is slowly improving.  That means that I have been able to start getting more done.  The next few weeks will still have some pretty big fluctuation as my work schedule (the day job) will be crazy.  The joys of retail.  Here's the skinny on what went down this week though:

First I had wanted to let you know that I have been able to work on Am I Immortal once more.  I feel that I have made a sizable dent and have started to make up for the couple weeks of downtime.  I am part way through page 21 now, and don't forget I still have page 24 completed.  That that means that I have roughly 2 and a half pages and then I move on to inks.  I am excited about my progress.  I feel that with this installment, you will get to know Cain a little bit better... perhaps enough to understand why I am so driven to get his story onto the page.  No matter how much it hurts.

I have completed another image for Godslayer.  It came out pretty cool except for one hand.  Red is the girl's name and she has this kinda old fashioned steampunk fusion thing going on.  I was inspired by Vargas (he was a pin-up artist for playboy for many many years) for her character design, and though at first she may not have been exactly what Nathan had thought of.... she fits the bill pretty well.

I have been able to work more on the website too and have been able to create some more of the imagery.  Waiting for responses from some of the other artists so that I can finish, but all and all I feel I have a firm handle on how it is shaping up.

I have completed another piece for Ink Dot Boy as well.  It is HUGE.  I got some really great feedback from his fan base from the first one that I did and he had mentioned something about anything I made, he would use...if it was like that...so how could I decline.  This one is very different from the first.  I had to alter the girl in it as I needed her to be visibly dead.  The original image the girl was looking away from the camera and I needed her eyes to be visible.  Even the person I found that I did use is....very different as I altered he expression, facial structure.  The background is much the same.. it is so different from the original that I had trouble finding it again when I was done with the picture.  I think that Ink Dot Boy himself is really the only thing that is close to what he looked like, but I covered him in blood so...yeah.

Well, wish me luck for the rest of the week.  I'll see you on the other side of 34...blah :(

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