Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Up to Trouble

So I found the death in my house... and another problem. There was a bunch of little mice, which my cat has been slowly depleting... actually you guys will think this is a little funny. My cat is a house cat and a remarkable mouser. He can sense when mice are thinking about coming out from the wall and he goes and grabs them. That is when the problems start. see, the cat just plays with the mouse, which is not nice.... but my dog... my dog is a glen terrier and he's a thief.... so he hears the cat playing with the mouse and he goes and steals it and chews on it until it stops moving... when he drops it. Then the cat plays with it which re-spawns dog interest... anyway. I think he's taken to eating them which is so nasty! But I think the duo found a mousy mommy and then I got a wondrous smell which was a really horrible awful thing to find. The other problem is septic which I can't fix because I rent... so expect a lot of really angry artwork. With that said, the update:

I did a new technique which I am really happy to be learning. I watched a bunch of video on youtube and then cracked a couple inks to get it down. It is something I have wanted to do for years, but wasn't sure what materials where used. Turns out it's water and a certain kind of ink... which I didn't have. the first piece of my experimentation is called "water witch" and is all different blues. I have four more sketches made up to try this technique with and had thought to have each of them be a different color set. Anyway, this is how "Water Witch" turned out:

I don't know if I had mentioned it before, but I also did get the new version of "Am I Immortal, the extended edition".   It looks really good and I am very proud of it.  It is available on indyplanet right now and there is a link to that in the compass in the sidebar on the right.  I have put in a few pages for you to see so you can get a taste of how the interior stories look.  the cover is a redesign that features the immortal Gothic logo too.  I am really happy with how it turned out as a project.

Back on Meth.  I colored a bunch more pages and am nearing completion of that faze.  Sadly that means it's a bunch of tough things left.  It means a lot to me for this book to come out just right.  It represents probably 5 years or more of progression through my work.  I only have a couple of the content pages left to color and then I am on to those concept pages which I created.  I'm really happy with how they are coming along.  It's small touches here and there.  Just enough color to draw your eye without detracting from the piece as a whole... or such is my attempt.  I will have more good news on that subject soon and it will come together pretty fast from here on out.

More new updates for "Rose" and for "The Origin".  I am still trying to create each of these stories with their own dynamic style and very different feels.  I think that the next few pages will be the defining moments for each concept.  "Rose" is nearly complete as it caps off at about 20 content pages.  "The Origin" however goes on for 40, but it will admittedly be nice to go down to one update a week and spend that extra time getting more books completed.  Both of these concepts will eventually be available in a printed form.  "The Origin" will be a landscape and I was thinking to make it a hardcover that you can purchase from me at the conventions.  I had started to write the main storyline of Am I Immortal first, but it is "The Origin" which goaded me into rewriting my existing pages and distilling the concepts of my idea into the form you all now see.  I only hesitate with its printing because... it's gonna be expensive.  I need to feel it's worth before I ask you to invest, especially with the content being available online.  the hardcover would be me passing a real piece of myself onto you, my fans, which is why it would only be available for sale from me in person.  If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know.

So I think that is what I have my paws in this week.  I know that there is more, there always is, but those are the major things that I accomplished.  If anyone knows any tricks to kindly tell your landlord to get her shit pumped... please let me know.  I'm going to need to broach that area soon here and I'm not really sure how to gently do it.  Please take care in this new blooming world and remember to embrace the night.

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