Tuesday, May 4, 2010

By Candlelight

Really it is a horrible reason why it is by candlelight too, hate to say. I believe that something, or a family of somethings has gone and died over in the walls or under the floor where my desk is.... that means that I have been on the verge of clinical insanity whilst trying to get the normal madness done and happy. It has been increasingly difficult for me to work because of this fact and what I have done, has been... well to quote a friend from deviant art: scary!!!

So, what's so scary you ask? Well Cain is. I got this glorious idea when I was on the brink of insanity and lost my marbles all over a rather rough piece of sketch paper. Hate to say it but if I had realized it was going to turn into something so nifty, I would have used better paper because the stock I drew it on scans this disgraceful color when I try to embolden the pencil lines. SO ANNOYING. I have it posted up for view on facebook and on my deviant art profile if you want to see it part way completed. I have gotten some really great advise from my comrades as I felt like I drew myself into a corner with it. I just didn't know where to go.
Image of Cain

What's next... well I have been pushing ahead on both webcomics as always. I think that both recent pages involve... blood running off of or down something. I am pleased with the effects that I got for Rose and Am I Immortal continues to have a subtle detail to it which I hope to continue. In the past on Am I Immortal, I have used stock that has been available on deviant art and am grateful to those artists for making such references available. I am just not able to climb random cliffs or comb the countryside for fields of dandelions, so their use is much appreciated and will be noted in the print version of the book, if that ever happens. Rose has been, all my stuff...so I can't say that there. But I have found, when working for someone else, it is best to OWN everything so that way you don't end up with third person syndrome. I hate he said she said.

Last for this update, I have been trying to get a number of physical pieces completed. I have the mouse skull, which is an actual mouse skull. Half is mummified while the other half is clean. I took the liberty of putting gold leaf in some areas on the clean portion so the thing has this gilded look now. and it's jaw got all wiggly so I had to superglue it shut :sigh: weird eh? that is not it either. I am also working on a painting. It involves every type of material I can cram in there. I desperately hope neither one is a fail.

So that's it my darlings. No pretty pics for you save for four pages from the webcomics. Go look. Oh yeah, and I am inking. You know what that means.... almost time for book 3...

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