Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I went to a glorious convention.  It was not very large, but it was run with a certain amount of caring.  I found out the gentleman who was in charge of the whole thing felt quite horrible on the day of the event, and he made it so you totally could not tell at all until he told you.  Thank you for being such a good sport Erik!  I met some really cool people.  We have already exchanged llamas on DA.  I know, how silly, but you gotta keep your priorities straight after all.  Anyway, I really enjoyed myself a lot and am very thankful to Tom for inviting me, and then to Erik for being so thoughtful in post.  I feel that  ComiConn was a great event for both creators and fans and I can't wait for next year!  Now for the ever lovin list:

So I have been playing with water.  I have been talking about it to everyone and posting my experimentation up on Deviant Art.  I really enjoy doing it and have started to make a collection based around various semi-precious stones.  The first one was the water witch, but all of the newer ones have stone names.  I have the right ink and the right paper.  I really enjoy it, so look forward to more.  Here is Amethyst so that you can see how they are turning out:

I started to ink Am I Immortal book 3 a bit ago.  I can't remember if I had mentioned it or not.  I feel that it is going well.  Mark Mazz had a glorious idea to try a new technique through part of the book to see if it is worth utilizing in the future.  Most of the book will have the look that the first and second book have, but then this one portion will have some of the things that I had learned when I made Meth: The Call and see if it makes it faster, as well as more dynamic.

Meth... The pages are completely colored now.  I will give them a once over to be sure that they are consistent.  I think they are, but it is best if I take a sec to reset my eyes and scan it again.  I am very happy with how it is coming.  I feel that I cobbled it together effectively and managed in creating a full story comprised of many parts, rather then a complete incohesive mess.  I still have to finish the color on the concept pages.  I think that should happen quickly once I am given the time to sit with it.  I want to get a couple pages ahead on both of the web comics so I am able to devote myself to it and make sure that it comes together properly.

Don't forget to check out the update for Am I Immortal: Origin this week.  I like how it came out and I was able to incorporate my original thoughts for the page into the new format.  I hope that your week is pleasurable and that you take the moment that you need to enjoy the dogwood blooms and all the glory of the changing season.  Remember to enjoy the night.

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