Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Rainy Night

I'm already yawning.  The rain sounds so good.  It drowns out all the sounds that make it hard for me to sleep and...ah, at last a promise of rest.  We'll see how long it lasts.  I planted my first batch of seedlings, indoors of course.  I'm still stoked though.  I can't wait for the rest of spring to arrive.  I'm looking forward to my new printer which will arrive before the rest of spring sadly.  It symbolizes the end of me paying a ton of money for prints I could be happier with, which means that I shall be able to offer more prints of my work, more bookmarks, and the potential for a lot of things that I will be able to offer at a reasonable price, instead of a lame crazy price.  Now, without further a due....  The ever lovin list:

This last week I wrapped up the Meth Collection layouts.  That means that, after I get a few odds and ends tightened into their spots, I will be able to get the book  printed.  What do I mean by odds and ends?  Well first off the end of the book will feature three pages of colored sketches: illustrated concepts that show the character dynamic of Meth and his love Sarah.  I should have done this with him ages ago but was so consumed by Cain that I had not gotten the chance.  I will also be featuring an artist whom I have just recently gotten to know.  I feel his work speaks for itself.  His name is Vlad, very cool guy, and I'm sure that you all will embrace him just as you have my own sad scribblings.  Here is the first Concept page, uncolored and untreated, that I completed for The Meth Collection:

Next, you know I have been updating both The Origin, for Am I Immortal, and Rose against the mooN diligently.  I so have to color more pages for each and aim to do so tomorrow evening.  I really enjoy both styles that have come through in each of those.  though I am making them both, they are very different as for process and the level of detail, the way I use the pages.  Origin has become refined, but still offers a vagueness that I had hoped would allow the person reading the story the ability to empathize more with the few characters I show boldly.  Rose on the other hand has this near distortion that I have let seep into even the more detailed images.  It's fun to linger in this duality, but nearly impossible for me to explain.  I hope that you have and continue to enjoy them both.

With the receipt of Sean's camera late last week, we decided to go out to the dog park to let his pup run about and see what our cameras could do, why is this news to you?  I think I got some really nice tree skeleton pictures which I have used in Meth and parts of Am I Immortal.  Sean got some for me as well.  I have been trying to expand my library of images to include a lot of the seasonal imagery I may need that I can't always get due to the time of year.  I will need these for Am I Immortal soon as I have poor Cain trapped in this odd time where you can't really tell if it is spring or fall, but it is chilly and the trees are skeletal... still not freezing though or poor Rem would be in for it.

Alright my darlings.  I will close with a chorus or growls and barks from behind me as Sean plays with the puppy on the couch.  It really sounds like they are killing each other.  Good thing that dog is only 8 pounds or Sean would be in deep deep trouble.  Get rest my lovelies... and know that I am dreaming in the rain.

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