Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Second verse same as the firsT

So... it is still raining.  Today the state closed down due to flooding.  I am pleased to announce that I have not washed away.  My little shack stood firm whilst the big sturdy house in front proceeded to slowly fill with water which was made evident by the number of hoses that shot water out its side windows.  I guess that the highway was closed too because there were rivers across it here and there.  My poor dog looked like we was covered in gray wet spaghetti.  I'm going to have to shave him soon as this is the time of year where his shed turns into mats especially when he gets all wet... so I know all about what that gray spaghetti really means.  Now for the list:

I have been working on Sarah's concept page.  I'm happy with how it is coming along but haven't had more than 15 or 20 minutes to sit down with it at a time so it is very slow going.  It is a page that shows the various incarnations of Sarah, from the corseted Saraphina to the tattooed Seraph.  I had really wanted to show what Meth loved... the parts of each incarnation that moved him to be so torn.  I wanted to show why he would yearn and feel such greed... to just share her time and feel the grace of her love.  Pretty high hopes for a simple pencil sketch.  I hope I have even a small level of success.

I was able to do a push on the Origin.  I am now two weeks ahead.  Sean (he is the husband for anyone who doesn't know me well) said he really liked the way the page I just posted came out.  simple yet telling more than just simply what the words say.  I like the page I have yet to letter.  It is a mess.  It is dark and moody and it came together a lot faste then I thought it would.  Here is how the unlettered page came out, though to warn you, I may yet add some touches when I letter it.

After having become quite stuck on Rose against the mooN: I really needed a reference which I could not find, well... I found it.  Over the next couple days I plan to plow through the next few pages and put myself squarely ahead so that I am able to put my full attention onto Meth and get it completed.  I am really happy with how this last page came out for Rose.  I feel I made the smoke, a theme through most of the populated pages, and the moonlight, which is the other running theme, integrate well together here.  That was something I was a little paranoid about  because both of those themes are in such contrast visually.  Look forward to more of those hybrid visuals as I picked both of those things to be constant themes in Rose... wish me luck.

Alrighty then... sadly I must leave you lovelies for another week of evil.  Be safe in this great wet world.  Remember to wish upon the first star at each dusk and close your eyes to hear the spring peepers sing to the waning moon.  Enjoy the beauty of the night.

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