Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On The Move

Life has been really crazy lately.  good thing I am ahead to a degree on the webcomics or I would FAIL so very hard!!!!  The hours have picked up some at the day job so I have been left with a smidge of time here, and a bit more over there.  I am also starting to become preoccupied with the garden as each nice day threatens to swipe me from my happy computer chair once and for all.  then you would have to come find me up to my elbows in dirt and bugs outside with SPF 500 sunblock on so I don't just set aflame, LOL.  Every year I have such high hopes for what my garden will turn into, and every year it seems like something comes up about half way through July and screws up all my plans leaving it all weedy and crazy.  Maybe it just takes after its mistress and refuses to stay in the lines.  I don't like the over manicured look anyway, but I would like to be able to see where the line is between the mint , oregano, and wormwood so I don't make psychotropic foods.  That would not make Damon any easier to placate and then we would be back to explaining that the zombie in the closet really won't get him, so long as he keeps the door closed at night.  Onto the list:

This week I must offer nods to a great stock photographer.  I used a portion of one of her stock photos in the update for Am I Immortal, Origin.  It is difficult to tell that it is the same place, LOL.  Even so, her stock made the page work out really well for me so please go check out her stuff as she has a huge variety of goodies and a great eye for photography: camaryn-wallpaper

Next, while we are on the topic of webcomics, make sure you go look at the Rose against the mooN.  That is another one I have been illustrating and I know that I have said it a few hundred times, but it updates in Immortal Gothic Online on fridays.  The style for that one is different than what I use in the Origin.  A welcome break.

I have the re-release of Am I Immortal 1 extended edition placed on order with Kablam.  I am very excited about this.  The book weighs in at a heavy 44 interior pages, 48 including the beautiful new cover.  It will sell for $5.00, sorry, I know that's more than normal but normally you only get about 30 pages.  It has some new art in it, the single strips of MiniCain, which I had developed but not run in the first release, and the 12 pages that come just before Cain wakes up.  I will also have it available through Indyplanet and will make sure to post that url everywhere once I get it up and active.

Meth, yes Meth has come back to the surface.  I have started to compile the pages into the form I need them in to submit them to Kablam.  I'm doing a few pages each day so, though it is slow going, it is getting done.  I finished the cover last night.  It is a wrap around cover.  It is really gory and I completely grossed myself out with the few elements that are on the back side.  This book is very dark and very stark.  I feel that is the best way to have it live up to what it is in my mind.  The presentation is of course, backwards for most of the story.  I punctuated the parts, the individual stories, with letters that will give the reader not only a time frame, because they are dated, but further insight into what is happening to Meth.  For those of you who already have the parts available in psychosis! books, the Collection has three parts that were never released, the letters, and various art pieces and fan pieces which should make it worth picking up anyway.  I can't wait to get it done... my wallet sure can though.  Printing books is expensive!  If anyone knows of any good rich benefactors that are looking to support creepy goth girls and all their crazy aspirations, please send them my way!  Full color is expensive to print... oh yeah, Meth is in color!!!!!!

well, I think that might be it my lovelies.  I feel like I am forgetting something but I can't remember what on earth it could be.... don't you hate that feeling?  Oh well, till next week... enjoy the night!

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