Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Third Month

So things always feel like they are taking WAY longer than they need to.  I have always had a case of hurry up and wait.  I feel like I must rush all over to get everything done as quickly as possible, only to the be stuck waiting in the end for some other aspect out of my control to fall miraculously into place.  I also have been graced with a serious lack of patience, so you can imagine how very well that goes over.  Now that you know those sad facts, we'll move right along to the list:

I had finished a logo for a friend of mine, Sarah, and just this week was able to get the versions that she needs of it off to her.  It is a great compliment to me that she liked my design well enough to use it.  I was trying to create something that was visually appealing, and yet simple.  I thought that it would suit what she needed it for the best if it had those features.  Her site is called sheneverslept.com so please make sure you pay her a visit.  It is news and reviews, all on the darker side of things.

I did a convention in NY this last weekend.  Not the best timing and it was a one day show.  It had snowed all week and was threatening to be miserable all day so there was not the best turn out ever.  I was happy to touch base with some people that I rarely get to see and that is a very good thing, but any hope of selling things generally goes out the window when there is low attendance.  I did however manage in getting three more pages of Rose Against the Moon drawn and completed the third page just earlier this morning.  I will be posting it on friday so make sure you go check it out.

Today I did another update on the Origin http://www.amiimmortal.com/origin/.  I can't wait to, and yet dread, get to the new pages that I have scanned.  It's gonna be painful because of the colors.  I thought that Rose would be simpler and it actually takes longer than the process I use for the Origin.  Seems like that's just the way it is.  Maybe I'm just getting slower at it and it is simpler... or maybe I'm just pickier than I was when I started and refuse to settle until every detail is to my liking.  I just hope to be able to continue posting both webcomics on time and get to the ever growing mountain of work that seems to be closing in about me.

If anybody knows a way for a little extra promotion for the site here and the webcomics... please let me know!  I need help in that department as I am just to busy creating all this to be able to be online trying to promote it, or even breath.  I will continue to make updates and keep the work flow coming, I just need help spreading the word!  I have banners available if you want to post a banner on your site.  I have promo imagery too, so please contact me.  I have no problem putting up other banners in my links area to help you out in return.  Thank you my sweet demons.  Till the next, be well in your darkness and enjoy my offerings to you.

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